Bitcoin Hovering około 13,500 dolarów, pozornie niepokojony Covid Resurgence.

Bitcoin obecnie handluje około 13.500 dolarów, co stanowi wzrost o 2,18% w ciągu ostatnich 24 godzin, przewyższając wszystkie trzy główne amerykańskie indeksy giełdowe, jak również złoto (które dzisiaj jest w dół).

Według danych CryptoCompare, w momencie pisania (20:25 UTC lub 16:25 ET 29 października), Bitcoin handluje około 13.500 dolarów, co stanowi wzrost o 2,18% w porównaniu z USD w ciągu ostatnich 24 godzin.

Teraz, jeśli uważacie Państwo, że 2% wzrost nie jest niczym, czym można się ekscytować, warto pamiętać, że świat wciąż jest w zasięgu pandemii COVID-19 i w ciągu ostatnich Cryptosoft kilku tygodni obserwowaliśmy stale rosnącą liczbę nowych przypadków dziennie zarówno w Europie, jak i w Stanach Zjednoczonych,

Jak więc wypadł Bitcoin w stosunku do USD w ciągu ostatniego miesiąca i jak wypadł S&P 500 i złoto w tym samym okresie?

Cóż, Bitcoin z niskiego poziomu 10.678 dolarów w dniu 29 września do 13.480 dolarów w dniu 29 października, tj. wzrósł o 26,42%.

Więc, co ze złotem? Cóż, cena spotowa złota wzrosła z 1.896 dolarów za uncję do 1.866 dolarów za uncję, tj. spadła o 1,58% w stosunku do USD.

Jeśli chodzi o S&P 500, to dzięki lepszemu niż oczekiwano wzrostowi PKB USA w III kwartale, niższym niż szacowano początkowym tygodniowym roszczeniom o pracę w USA za tydzień kończący się 24 października, oraz oczekiwaniom dobrych wyników Alphabet, Amazon, Apple i Facebook – które wszystkie podały dziś po dzwonku zamykającym – udało się je zamknąć na poziomie 3.310,1, co oznacza wzrost o 1,19% w stosunku do poprzedniego dnia i spadek o 0,74% w ciągu ostatniego miesiąca.

Dziś był to ciekawy dzień, ponieważ wskaźnik dolara amerykańskiego (DXY) wynosi obecnie 93,93, co oznacza wzrost o 0,56%.

Jest to zazwyczaj zła wiadomość dla Bitcoina, ponieważ od marca istnieje wysoki stopień negatywnej korelacji między nimi, ale nie dzisiaj.


Colombian Fintech Zinobe started its expansion into Mexico together with Mexarrend

Zinobe announced a foray into international markets through a joint venture with Mexican financial services company Mexarrend

Colombian fintech Zinobe announced a foray into international markets through a joint venture with Mexican financial services company Mexarrend. This was reported by Valora Analitik on 30 September.

According to this publication, as a result of this alliance, Centeo was born, a platform to promote access to credit for small and medium sized companies in Mexico, through financing options for entrepreneurs and small businesses, via the Internet.

Tarek El Sherif, CEO and co-founder of Zinobe, said: „This is a project that moves us enormously. We are convinced that with the advanced technological and analytical capabilities that we have developed at Zinobe for our Lineru and Aliatu products, along with Mexarrend’s experience in the Mexican market, we will be able to generate a positive impact on an underserved sector.

Furthermore, according to Bitcoin News Trader, this alliance demonstrates how traditional financial institutions, such as Mexarrend, can find opportunities to work together with companies from the fintech world.

Alejandro Monzo, Mexarrend’s CEO, said: „We are very pleased to be able to develop this venture. In Mexico there are nearly ten million SMEs and only about 1.5 million of them have access to formal financing. Through Centeo, with the data analysis capabilities that Zinobe brings, we will be able to open more doors and help thousands of these companies“.

Credible Crypto förutsäger XRP kommer att stiga 12,900% i nästa Bitcoin Bull Cycle

Tätt följt näringsidkare och kryptostrateg Credible Crypto ser XRP meteoriskt stiga med över 12 900% i nästa Bitcoin-boomcykel.

I en ny tweet berättar kryptoanalytikern sina 68 000 följare att Ripples infödda token har potential att massivt öka sin nettovärde de närmaste åren.

”Håll det riktigt.

XRP-priset ÄR INTE ”förutbestämt”.

XRP ÄR INTE ‚backat av guld‘.

XRP kommer INTE att nå de priser som BTC har ($ 10 000 +).

XRP ersätter INTE dollarn.

Men det behöver inte göra NÅGON av dessa saker för att göra dig och mig livsförändrande pengar de närmaste tre åren. ”

När han ombeds att ge sin prisförutsägelse för den fjärde största kryptovalutan förklarar Credible varför han tror att XRP kan skjuta i höjden mellan $ 20 – $ 30 innan den nuvarande tjurmarknaden går ut.

„… det har gått 1000 gånger + i den senaste körningen, det här skulle bara vara 100 gånger. När det gäller försäljningstryck har svaga händer länge sålt sin XRP för andra projekt. De som håller nu säljer inte snart. ”

Inte alla analytiker delar Credibles långsiktiga hausseartade inställning till XRP. Den efterföljande veteranhandlaren Peter Brandt berättade för sitt besättning på 375 000 att vara försiktig med att investera i Ripples inhemska tillgång.

„Tro inte på XRP.“

Brand konstaterar att Ripples ägande av mer än hälften av det totala utbudet av XRP är en potentiell skuld. Han tror att token har mer nackdelpotential eftersom det fortsätter att underprestera i förhållande till andra stora cap-mynt.

Under tiden tittar Credible också på Bitcoin på kort sikt. Han säger att närvaron av Bitcoin-tjurar vid omedelbart stöd på 10 400 dollar kan troligen skicka BTC nära 12 000 dollar.

“10.4K-10.5K fortsätter att hålla. Antalet går upp. BTC ”

John McAfee arrested in Spain on charges of tax evasion in the United States

John McAfee was arrested in Spain on US charges of tax evasion and failure to report his income.

The SEC also filed a lawsuit against him for recommending multiple ICOs without notifying investors that he was being paid for it.

Mr McAfee is now awaiting his extradition from Spain

The Trust Project is an international consortium of news organizations based on transparency standards.

The law has finally caught up with outlaw John McAfee. The crypto and antivirus pioneer has been struck twice by the United States Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) together.

McAfee was arrested in Spain for US tax evasion and failure to report his taxes, something he has bragged about on social media before. In addition, he is being sued by the Crypto Bank review for recommending more than half a dozen ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). McAfee is said to have made more than $ 23 million by touting these operations, without revealing to investors that he was being paid.

“Catch it if you can”

John McAfee has documented his choice of life on social media, leaving authorities to tie the data and pinch him for tax evasion related to the millions of dollars he has made promoting cryptocurrency without reporting any penny between 2014 and 2018. The US Department of Justice said:

McAfee is said to have evaded his tax liability by ordering his income to be paid into bank accounts and cryptocurrency exchange accounts on behalf of representatives. The indictment also alleges that McAfee attempted to evade the IRS [US tax service] by concealing assets, including real estate, a vehicle and a yacht, on behalf of others.

– The United States is after me for tax evasion. Whatever ! I simply refused to pay. I have been open, honest and talkative about this for ten years. Wake up !

– John, that’s tax evasion.

– No. Tax fraud is a false declaration of income. I never did that. I just refuse to pay.

The response of the crypto community

McAfee, who has over a million Twitter followers, has adopted a runaway lifestyle for years. That said, he is also looking to get noticed and has already launched his own US presidential campaign as part of the Campaign of Libertarian . He has proven to be a source of entertainment in the crypto community for his extravagant claims, lavish lifestyle, and utter disregard for the law. Very true to his own style, he was even the originator of his own coin nicknamed Ghost. According to reports, however, his participation in the project was not successful.

John McAfee arrested for breaking all of humanity’s tax laws. The crypto community:

The trading on Coinbase is interrupted at the news of the arrest of John McAfee.

It looks like McAfee’s shenanigans have finally caught up with him, and he is now waiting to be extradited from Spain. He faces up to five years in prison for each count of tax evasion and up to one year for each count of failing to report his taxes.

Justice case investigates whether CCP leader’s sister used bitcoin to hide money

The Superior Court of Justice (STJ) decided that the process on crime involving money laundering of drug trafficking with cryptomites by people linked to the First Command of the Capital (PCC) should be analyzed by the Justice of the State of São Paulo and not by the Federal Justice.

The case involves the suspicion of money laundering by the sister of one of the traffickers linked to the PCC. She would have opened „companies in order to capture people to invest in cryptomites Crypto Genius scam in order to hide the origin of illicit resources from drug trafficking.

Adriana Roberta, sister of Álvaro Daniel Roberto (a member of a drug gang linked to the criminal faction) became suspected of using cryptomoins to hide the origin of dirty money. The police investigation was opened by the 2nd Civil Police Station of Campinas/SP.

The problem is that the 4th Criminal Court of Campinas (SP), when confronted with the case, understood that this was a matter for the National Financial System and it would be up to the Federal Justice to judge the case. The basis was that the facts in the investigation „relate to the alleged practice of crimes against the National Financial System, the popular economy and money laundering, so it is up to the Federal Justice, unless better judgment, to know them and judge them.
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Civil Police arrest businessman involved with CCP who may have laundered money with bitcoin
Federal Police Delegate Compares CCP Scheme to Financial Pyramid

Brazilian justice sentences Bitcoin to 17 years in prison involved with the CCP

The Federal Judge of the 9th Circuit Court of Campinas, on receiving the case, sent it back to the State Courts because he understood that it would not be „faced with the commission of any crime against the National Financial System or crime against the Capital Market (Law no. 6.385/76), which would have the ability to attract the present investigation to the scope of competence of the Federal Justice.
STJ decision on PCC cryptomoracs

There was no other way out but for the STJ to decide who should try this case. According to the decision of Minister Felix Fischer, „there is no evidence of damage to goods, services or interest of the Union, sufficient to attract federal jurisdiction.

Fischer based his decision on similar cases already seen by the STJ, in which the court mentioned that the „crime known as ‚money laundering‘ and typified in article 1 of Law no. 9,613/1998, will only be of federal jurisdiction when practiced against the financial system and the economic-financial order, or to the detriment of goods, services or interests of the Union“.

The Federal Public Prosecution Service, when consulted, had also already opined „in the sense of knowing the conflict to declare the competence of the Law Court of the 4th Criminal Court of Campinas – SP“.

According to Minister Felix Fischer, the Criminal Justice of Campinas (SP) had stated that the competence to decide on the case would be of the Federal Justice arguing that

This was not the view of the minister, however, who stated that „there is no evidence of damage to goods, services or interest of the Union, sufficient to attract federal competence. Fischer based his decision on similar cases already seen by the STJ, in which the court mentioned that the „crime known as ‚money laundering‘ and typified in art. 1 of Law no. 9,613/1998, will only be of federal jurisdiction when practiced against the financial system and the economic-financial order, or to the detriment of goods, services or interests of the Union“.

Similar case

This is not the first time that a case of negative conflict of jurisdiction involving cryptomoeda has reached the STJ. Fischer, when deciding the case involving money laundering for the CCP with cryptomoedas, cited even one of the first of them who was dealing with a discussion about a suspected financial pyramid in Embu das Artes (SP).

At the time, the third Section of the STJ was unanimous in deciding that it would be up to the state courts to handle the case. The ministers ended up with the reporting Justice Sebastião Reis Júnior. The reporting justice said that the negotiation of bitcoin could not be investigated based on the crimes provided by federal legislation.

„In fact, I understand that the conduct investigated does not bind to the crimes provided for in articles 7, II, of Law 7492/1986, and 27-E of Law 6385/1976, notably because cryptomime, until then, is not considered as currency or securities,“ said the rapporteur.

The reason for this is that the transaction with cryptomime has no regulation and there is no legal provision for it to be supervised or authorized by the Securities Commission or the Central Bank, since it is neither a type of security or currency itself.

La Nuova Zelanda Digital Asset Exchange Dasset aggiunge il supporto di Bitcoin SV

Lo scambio ha aggiunto il supporto e due nuove coppie di trading per Bitcoin SV

Lo scambio di beni digitali neozelandesi, Dasset, ha recentemente annunciato di aver introdotto ufficialmente il supporto per Bitcoin SV (BSV) sulla sua piattaforma di trading, con le coppie di trading BSV/NZD e BSV/BTC ora quotate e disponibili per l’uso in borsa.

Secondo una dichiarazione dello scambio di giovedì, Dasset ha deciso di lanciare le due nuove coppie di trading, inclusa una coppia di valute fiat per BSV, a seguito del continuo e crescente interesse per Bitcoin SV.

L’SV in Bitcoin SV sta per Satoshi Vision, con il marketing della moneta virtuale stessa come il ‚Bitcoin originale‘ che rimane fedele agli obiettivi del fondatore pseudonimo, Satoshi Nakamoto. Il crypto è nato dopo che il Bitcoin Cash ha subito una dura forchetta nel 2018.

L’obiettivo principale della moneta virtuale è quello di fornire stabilità e raggiungere la scalabilità. Secondo il sito web del progetto, „Bitcoin SV ha lo scopo di fornire una scelta chiara per i minatori e consentire alle aziende di costruire applicazioni e siti web su di esso in modo affidabile“.

Commentando i cambiamenti alla Dasset, Jimmy Nguyen, Presidente fondatore dell’Associazione Bitcoin Era, ha detto nella dichiarazione: „Un elemento chiave per garantire che la storia di crescita della Bitcoin SV continui in tutto il mondo sta rendendo il processo di inserimento di nuovi utenti un processo rapido e semplice.

„Con l’introduzione di una nuova rampa fiat per comprare e vendere BSV a Dasset, questo processo è diventato più facile per le persone in Nuova Zelanda e Australia, che ora hanno un altro fornitore di servizi rispettabile e legalmente registrato da utilizzare come opzione a bordo nell’ecosistema Bitcoin SV“.

Dasset ha lanciato BSV per dare agli utenti la possibilità di scegliere

Fondata nel 2017, Dasset è una piattaforma di trading digitale che serve clienti retail, professionali e istituzionali in Nuova Zelanda e Australia. La società è registrata come fornitore di servizi finanziari in Nuova Zelanda. Tuttavia, non è regolamentata dalla Financial Markets Authority (FMA) in quanto il paese non dispone ancora di una legislazione specifica in materia di crittografia.

„La crittovaluta è sempre stata una battaglia di idee“, ha aggiunto il CEO di Dasset, Stephen Macaskill nella dichiarazione. „Abbiamo recentemente inserito nella lista Bitcoin SV per dare ai clienti l’opportunità di scoprire, e alla fine decidere, quali sono le risorse crittografiche che serviranno meglio al loro futuro digitale“.

Maailman suurimmat pankit kiinni suurskandaalissa. Mitä se tarkoittaa Bitcoinille?

Jotkut maailman suurimmista pankeista, mukaan lukien JPMorgan Chase, HSBC ja Deutsche Bank, antoivat rikollisille pestä lähes 2 biljoonaa dollaria (1,5 tonnia) väärin hankittua rahaa vuosina 1999–2017 vuotaneiden FinCEN-tiedostojen mukaan. hankki BuzzFeed News .

Tutkimuksen suoritti 109 mediaorganisaatiota yhdessä tutkivien toimittajien kansainvälisen konsortion (ICIJ) kanssa.

Epäonnistuneet pankkitakeet

BuzzFeed News -raportin mukaan yllämainitut pankkilaitokset auttoivat tunnettuja huumeiden kuninkaita, Ponzi-järjestelmän operaattoreita, sopimusmurhaajia siirtämään rahaa ympäri maailmaa.

„Voitto tappavista huumeiden sodista, kehitysmaista kavalletuista omaisuuksista ja Ponzi-järjestelmässä varastetuista ansaittuista säästöistä saivat kaikki virrata näihin rahoituslaitoksiin ja ulos niistä huolimatta pankkien omien työntekijöiden varoituksista.“

Pelkästään Deutsche Bankiin liitettiin yli 1,3 trln likaa likaa. Mark Schoofs, editorin-päätoimittaja BuzzFeed News, kuvailee sitä yksi suurimmista rahanpesua huijauksia historian hänen visertää :

„Deutsche Bankin ylimmillä johtajilla oli suoraa tietoa vuosien ajan vakavista epäonnistumisista, jotka tekivät pankista haavoittuvan yhdelle historian suurimmista rahanpesuhuijauksista.“

Koe paljasti rahanpesun vastaisten lakien ja muiden laittoman toiminnan hävittämiseen tähtäävien toimenpiteiden puutteet

„Huolimatta pankkien laajasta valtuudesta tutkia tilinhaltijoita, FinCEN Files -tutkimus paljastaa, että suuret rahoituslaitokset eivät usein suorita asiakkaidensa perustavanlaatuisia tarkastuksia, kuten yrityksen sijainnin tarkistamista, kun joku avaa uuden tilin.“

Vaikka Bitcoinia pidetään yleensä rikollisten rakkaana, tuhannet salaiset asiakirjat paljastivat maailman suurimpien pankkien viallisen järjestelmän, joka ei pysty torjumaan rahanpesua.

Capriole Investmentsin perustaja Charles Edwards väittää, että Bitcoinin luontainen avoimuus helpottaa pörssien rikollisuuden torjumista:

„Mutta kun Bitcoinia käytetään huonoksi, se on julkisesti jäljitettävissä ja pörssit yleensä yhdistyvät kilpailijoita vastaan. Pankit voivat haudata tätä tavaraa vuosiin. ”

Krakenin lakiasiainjohtaja Marco Santori kuitenkin varoitti Bitcoinereita siitä, että suuri skandaali ei ole hyvä salaukselle :

„Jos luulet, että tämä on hyvä bitcoinille, mies, tulet olemaan niin pettynyt.“

Huobi Futuros para Lançar Opções Bitcoin de Negociação a partir de 1º de setembro

O braço de futuros da Huobi adicionará a comercialização de opções Bitcoin a partir de amanhã às 10:00 UTC, como resposta à crescente demanda de investidores sofisticados.

A Huobi Futures, a plataforma de derivativos da popular bolsa de moedas criptográficas Huobi Group, lançará a negociação de opções Bitcoin Trader a partir de 1º de setembro.

A empresa explicou que investidores mais sofisticados estão entrando no mercado de ativos digitais, e seu lançamento de opções BTC visa atender a sua demanda.

Huobi Futuros adiciona a negociação de opções BTC

Anunciada hoje cedo, a plataforma baseada em Singapura planeja lançar opções Bitcoin negociadas contra USDT em 1º de setembro às 10:00 UTC. O novo produto será oferecido em „incrementos de opções semanais, bissemanais e trimestrais“.

De acordo com a empresa, a comercialização de opções Bitcoin é o próximo passo lógico após o lançamento dos Perpetual Swaps Perpétuos da Huobi Futures no início deste ano. Embora a plataforma suporte inicialmente apenas opções BTC, ela planeja adicionar outros ativos digitais em breve também.

As opções Bitcoin na plataforma da Huobi funcionarão de forma semelhante às opções nos mercados financeiros tradicionais. É um produto derivado que permite aos usuários o direito, mas não a obrigação, de comprar ou vender BTC a um preço e data acordados.

As opções de compra dão ao comprador a oportunidade de comprar o ativo subjacente a um preço especificado na data de expiração. As opções de venda dão a ele o direito de vender uma quantia pré-determinada desse ativo a um preço especificado na data de expiração.

Huobi Targets Sofisticados Investidores que Entram no Espaço

O anúncio destacou que o mercado de moedas criptográficas está se desenvolvendo continuamente, o que atrai mais investidores institucionais e sofisticados para se juntarem a ele. Como tal, a empresa acredita que tem que estar preparada para lidar com a crescente demanda.

Huobi destacou que o volume de negociação de derivativos em moeda criptográfica tem aumentado na maioria das plataformas desde o início de 2020 e está „agora ultrapassando o das negociações à vista“.

Adicionar a negociação de opções pode reduzir o risco „pois a perda máxima que um detentor de opções pode incorrer é o prêmio das opções, sem limite de ganhos“. Quando combinadas com outras estratégias de negociação, as opções podem ajudar os investidores a se protegerem contra riscos extremos de volatilidade do mercado.

„Instrumentos financeiros como as opções não garantem lucros, mas proporcionam aos investidores maior flexibilidade e mais oportunidades. Mais importante ainda, estamos dando aos usuários acesso a um produto de opções apoiado pela segurança e confiabilidade que eles esperam de uma troca global como a Huobi“. – comentou Ciara Sun, Vice Presidente de Negócios Globais do Grupo Huobi.

BTC-prisanalys: Bitcoins fria fall – Nästa stoppa det ofyllda CME-klyftan till 9 600 dollar?

Bitcoin har dramatiskt förlängt sina förluster idag, eftersom priserna glider ytterligare 1 000 dollar på under 24 timmar. Igår observerade vi hur den ledande tillgången återhämtade sig tillsammans med 11 400 $ och förväntade oss att den skulle skjuta i sidled innan ytterligare ett stort drag anlände.

När vi tittar på 4-timmarsdiagrammet kan vi se att det gjorde exakt det . Fram till de tidiga timmarna idag kramade BTC tätt längs den tidigare supportzonen (grön) tills en annan enorm våg av försäljningspress kom och drev priserna ner till 11 225 dollar (0,618 Fibonacci-förlängningsnivå).

Under den andra delen av kraschen lyckades panikförsäljning driva BTC-priserna genom de psykologiska $ 11 000 och ner så långt som $ 10 450-nivån innan de korrigerades

Enligt data från Coinmarketcap har ytterligare 28 miljarder dollar tagits bort från den globala kryptomarknaden idag – totalt 45 miljarder dollar från den senaste toppen på 394 miljarder dollar den 1 september.

På 4-timmars BTC / USD-diagrammet kan vi se att den ledande kryptotillgången för närvarande ligger längs 1.0 Fibonacci-förlängningsnivån. En enorm mängd obeslutsamhet driver marknaden just nu, vilket gör det svårt att förutsäga var Bitcoin Profit kommer att gå vidare.

Nästa logiska support är orderblockszonen runt $ 10 200 – $ 10 175, vilket också stämmer med 1.382 Fibonacci-förlängningsnivån. Men om priserna landar här, är det mycket troligt att vi kommer att se tillbaka under 5 siffror när fler handlare säljer i väntan på att CME Bitcoin futures gap fyller.

På det dagliga diagrammet kan vi se att 100 EMA-linjen (röd) kunde fånga veken från det senaste nedåtgående benet och hjälpa tjurar att starta en återhämtning, när de skrev dessa rader. Detta kommer att fortsätta att vara ett av de viktigaste stöden som bör observeras när Bitcoin försöker stabilisera sig.

Om $ 10.000-nivån bryts bör vi förvänta oss att klyftan ska fyllas, följt av en eventuell stark rebound tillbaka mot $ 10.600 och $ 11.000

En nedgång så lågt som $ 10 000 skulle sannolikt skicka Bitcoin till den översålda regionen av den dagliga RSI för första gången sedan den enorma Coronavirus-drivna kraschen i mars. Detta skulle skicka en enorm köpsignal till Bitcoin-handlare och utan tvekan utlösa ett stort antal handelsbots, vilket skulle hjälpa till att initiera trendvändningen.

Om vi ​​ser ovan, om 1.0 Fibonacci-förlängningsnivån håller, kan $ 11 000 skapa det första motståndsområdet, följt av den dagliga 50 EMA (blå) och $ 11 400-nivån.

Filecoin testing paves way for Ethereum tariff restructuring

A long-awaited Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) is currently being tested on Filecoin’s network to cope with the high rates of the network.

A proposal to change the Ethereum fee structure has been in the pipeline since it was first suggested in April 2019. The increase in network fees in recent months has again highlighted EIP 1559, and is being tested on the Filecoin digital storage platform.

The Ethereum whale’s uniswap token briefly reached $100,000, but there is a catch

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin sent an update via Twitter as more information and research pile up in the proposed update.

Filecoin software engineer Jeromy Johnson said the EIP code „seems to be doing its job“ in an ongoing test on the network. He added that there have been a couple of spikes in the „quota base,“ which is the new network fee architecture, but that there was very little delay in the messages that came into the chain.

Filecoin is a decentralized storage platform that is being tested. It has set a goal of launching the main network in September, according to its August progress update. Sharing the technology with Ethereum makes it a good testbed for EIP 1559.

Rushed upgrade made 12% of Ethereum’s customers unusable

On August 22nd, PegaSys developer Tim Beiko tweeted that two Iq Option clients are currently testing the code privately, the Vulcanize and Besu geth fork. He added that he would personally like to see EIP 1559 implemented on a large state network, like Ropsten, to see if larger blocks are a problem.

A solution to high gas rates?
The proposal introduces the „base tariff“ mechanism that dynamically adjusts tariffs based on current levels of network congestion. Currently, Ethereum’s network tariffs are calculated in an auction system in which users „bid“ how much they are willing to pay for their transaction to be collected by a miner. Naturally, the miners give priority to the highest bids first, which leads to congestion and high gas prices under heavy load.

Ethereum price remains in key resistance days before the expiration of $112 million in options

Under the new proposal, if the blockchain is used more than 50%, the basic rate increases automatically, but if it is used less than 50%, it will decrease. Ethereum users could still „jump the queue“ by paying a „tip“ in addition to the basic rate. All ETH fees paid through the base rate are burned and only the „tip“ is paid to the miners.

The maximum difference in base rate from one block to another would be predictable because these increases are limited. This would allow wallets and dApps to automatically set gas rates for users more reliably rather than simply estimating them.

However, it may take some time before EIP 1559 is deployed on the Ethereum’s main network. ETHhub founder Anthony Sassano predicted at least 6-12 months in his August 24th Daily Gwei newsletter.