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Labor, Globalization and Art

Instructor: Beverly Naidus, Associate Professor, University of Washington, Tacoma

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Course Summary

Through reading, writing, discussion, studio art practice and the analysis of contemporary media and art, we will examine issues of work, labor, and the effects of globalization on our contemporary life. Students will make art about their own work experiences and learn about art history and contemporary art that depicts labor. In particular we will look at some the exciting new art projects created by the global justice movement.

Course Objectives

To explore a conceptual approach to art making
To develop formal skills and fluency with visual grammar
To experience hands-on collaborative art processes
To be exposed to a wide variety of contemporary art forms including digital imaging, found object/text work, site-specific installations, puppetry and Theater of the Oppressed improvisations
To develop facility with the terms INTENTION, AUDIENCE and CONTEXT when discussing the goals of an artwork
To become familiar with a variety ways of understanding how stories about work can become art
To encourage critical thinking in relation to labor issues as they relate to the global and local contexts

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